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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 20: My Last Night in London

My friends and I went out for one last lunch to Café Concerto. Of course, I had tea – Bombay Chai this time. And the usual mozzarella tomato and basil panini. On our way home, we went to some street markets near Old Street that were kind of similar to the ones I went to in Greenwich. They were selling foods of all different types, fruits, and desserts.  It was very lively.  I wish I would have known about it earlier because I definitely would have gone there more often during my stay! On our way home, we saw someone selling fruit. I got a whole bowl – four peaches, two oranges, an apple, and two bananas all for only one pound! It was great, and I knew my mom would be happy to eat some when she was arriving the next day.
I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and packing; It took me almost until about 6 or 7 pm. The ISA kids decided to get together and order some pizza and eat together one last time. It was nice to spend time with everyone. We said our goodbyes. I wasn’t really that sad yet because I hadn’t spent much time with them.
The sadness came later that night.
We went to the London Eye at around 9:30. We wanted to see London lit up at night. It was a little pricey, about 20 pounds, but I can definitely say it was worth it. As we went up I started to think about my past three weeks in London. I thought about St. Paul’s, Tower Bridge, Parliament, Harrods, and all of the other wonderful places I had visited. I was able to see it all from the Eye.  It was a breathtaking view. Everything was right in front of me and it made me feel a little nostalgic and emotional. We were all really excited during the first half, but I think as we approached the top we started thinking the same types of things. The rest of the ride was pretty much silent.
When we came back, we had quite an interesting tube ride. Probably the most interesting I’ve had so far. We got onto the line with a giant group of drunken people. The guys were really loud and the one got up and started speaking to the entire cabin about Jesus or something. They kept giggling and it was all so weird. But okay, that’s normal. It’s Friday night. Then, at the next stop, a whole other group of drunken people got on the tube, on the other side. We were kind of just kind of awkwardly chilling in the middle of these two rowdy groups. It was pretty funny. It’s okay, normal. Friday night right. Then, when those people got off, a bunch of drunken moms got on, which was really weird. We were like – what’s happening? So we got off at Euston (Because according to my friend, King’s Cross is way too big and crowded) and went on the Northern Line branch via Bank for Old Street. When we got on, there was this couple and the lady was sitting on the guys lap. So, my friend was like okay, I’ll just take the empty seat next to them. Then, the lady like tried to get off and was about to practically sit on her before she squeezed her way out and scurried to another seat across from us. It was the funniest thing ever.  Definitely a memorable last tube ride.
 We finally got to Old Street and were in the mood for some milkshakes. one of my friends was leaving the next day, so we convinced her to come with us. By the time she finally came down and we walked to The Diner, they weren’t serving anymore. So we walked around for a bit but nothing was really open. They went to the store and got some stuff and we all just hung out in club kitchen for the rest of the night.
Said my goodbyes and went to bed.


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