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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Derpy Intern Experiences

Now, the NYC intern experience begins.
Day 2 - Monday, June 2
I’m working at a company called Dakorum. It’s a home decor startup that imports products from all around the world.
It got off to an interesting start. I started my journey from 55th and 2nd to Park Ave, and then headed south towards 42nd street. I immediate fell in love. I was surrounded by huge skyscrapers and others who were going to work as well. Why is everyone in New York so beautiful? Everyone was dressed in the cutest, sharpest business attire, and I was in awe. The walk was a little longer than expected and I got into the elevator of my building at exactly 8:59, just in the nick of time! Upon arriving to my office, I was greeted kindly by my bosses Andres, and Rachel, which I will probably be talking about a ton this summer. Derpy intern experience #1Andres proceeds to tell me a little bit about what I was going to do that do and asks me if I brought my computer. I didn’t. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? ): Rachel was so sorry and blamed herself for not telling me. I should have known to bring it anyway. So the solution? Go back home and get it. That’s about a mile away! Being the new intern, I offered to walk, but Rachel have me a metro card. I’ve never taken the New York Subway on my own. I took it once with Aditi over winter break, and other than that, just London. It was going to be an adventure. So I headed back on the 6 train, uptown. It was easy! I was home and back at the office in no time.
They had me jump right in. I immediately started doing research on features that we can have on our social media sites. I started developing a  list on Excel.
I later went to lunch with my cointerns, Christina and Yijoung (I think that’s how you spell it?) They are nice. 
By 2pm I felt exhausted of ideas, but I had a lot of time to go. I’m not used to a full work day. I’m used to class from 10-3ish and then homework. And I had a really long list! I was out of ideas.
But I stuck through and got out of work at about 6pm.
Then I met up with Aditi and Christina and we walked to Times Square to check out this cool food festival, Taste of Times Square. There were a ton of people! We even ran into some friends.
We decided to eat at a Thai place (Yum Yum something) on 9th ave. I was really proud of Aditi for trying something new. We talked about our days at work and it was a lot of fun. 
I thought to myself, this is going to be an amazing summer. Working in New York. Talking about my day with my friends. Meeting new people, experiencing new things. It’s so exciting.
I ended my night with a brief workout at the gym, gotta stay in shape for Raas!
Day 3 - Tuesday, June 4
I got up bright and early, like 7:30, for my next day of work. I’m happy that work is casual because I really don’t feel like working in a suit all day. My bosses are super nice and chill and it’s a really informal work environment. 
On my walk on Park, I fell in love with the city even more. It felt awesome. I was eating my Clif Bar, walking to work. I’m getting used to it! I can do this every day. I was the first intern in the office (trying to do this every day - gotta make those good impressions) and I got working right away. I had a one-on-one with Rachel to discuss my progress and I was able to show her a lot. I was super enthusiastic while expressing my ideas and we had a good conversation. I went onto phase two of my project, which was organizing my brainstormed list into categories for potential features. I got on this right away and finished by lunch.
My cointerns and I headed to lunch at Bryant Park. It was a beautiful day. The park was full, of people on their lunch break of course! It was literally surreal. Eating lunch around all of these people who come from so many different areas - all in the same place - NYC. So many things can happen, for so many different types of people. This city is where dreams come true.
When I got back to work, I took my lists to a whole new level, making Excel sheets with many different categories. I was on a roll with my ideas and I’m super excited to show Rachel tomorrow! I saw this really awesome video about Pinterest and how to make your Pinterest better. Coolest. Thing. Ever. I was on a roll with my notes. 
At around 4pm, I started to feel exhausted again, so I decided to get some coffee! Here comes derpy intern experience #2: When I filled my coffee, my cup only filled about halfway, so I decided to press the button again. As the coffee was reaching the top of the cup, the machine was not stopping and I was starting to panic. I quickly grabbed another cup and ninjad it into the machine while taking the other cup out. …Funny part is - some lady was standing behind me totally wondering what I was doing. #newgirlprobs I just laughed it off and headed back to my office. The rest of the day was pretty productive. And yet another derpy intern experience -  #3: When the coffee started to kick in, I was really getting into my Pandora station (Classic - MKTO —> good stuff!) I realized that I was dancing in my chair while doing my work. I quickly looked around to see if anyone noticed. They probably did. They probably judged me. Do  I care? Nahhhh! I was having fun :)  
Got dinner with Megs and Shilps and did a Zumba workout with my other roomate Sindhu! Overall, a great day. - can’t wait for tomorrow!-
Night <3


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