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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 17: Class Struggles, and Harry Potter!

The day actually started off really badly.

When I got to class, I tried to open my InDesign file that I had been working on the night before. Turns out, the trial on my laptop is the latest version and the computers at school have an older version. It wouldn't open. This was really frustrating because I forgot to take my flash drive to class the day before so I was unproductive. I figured I could download the trial of the newest version on the school computers, open my file, and save it as a file that can be opened on the old version. In order to do this, you need the adminstrator's password. So, I went to the IT department to ask for help. The guy didn't know what to do, but he knew someone who did. However, this person wasn't in yet, so I had to wait. When he finally got the information, he took me to another lab and signed me on the the administrator's account. Then, I went to download the trial. It said it was already up to date and it didn't let me download it! I was so frustrated. I went back to class and my teacher said that she needed the printed versions that day no matter what. She wanted me to start over. I told her I could run back to my room really quickly, get my laptop, and come back. So I ran. I literally made record time with my commute. In order to get to class by 10 every morning I usually leave at about 9:15. I left class at 11:35, was in my room at 12, and back in class at 12:25. It was crazy. Yes, I was that crazy girl running up the escalators and through the tube station in between closing doors. I know, I'm cool. So once I finally got everything printed and figured out, I headed home again.

Luckily, my evening was going to be fantastic. I was going to the Warner Brother's Harry Potter Studio Tour! My friend and I headed out at about 4:30. We had to go pretty sure, so we took the tube to Euston, and then the overground train to Watford Junction. Once we got there, we had to get on the studio tour bus, which was an extra cost. This is so stupid because everyone literally has to get on this bus and the tickets were already over priced. Stupid money makers. The bus was really cool though. It had Harry Potter music playing, which set me in the mood right away. I was so so so excited! I was a little nervous though because out tour was to be at 6 and it looked like we were going to get there at like 6:05. I literally ran to the kiosk when we got there to print our tickets.

 All was well and the tour began. It was soo soo soo wonderful. It started with a couple movies, and then we entered the huge doors of Hogwarts into the Great Hall. I can't even begin to describe the feelings I was having. It was crazy. The real deal. The real props, real sets, real costumes. I was living in the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter and I was loving it. We then headed into a large studio room where we saw many of the props in the movies and the sets for the different rooms and offices. It was crazy how small they were in real live compared to the movies. I saw Dumledore's Office, props from the Yule Ball, the Gryffindor Common Room, the Golden Egg, and millions more. It was so exciting. I felt like a fascinated child just running around everywhere. Then we went to the outside part of the tour. We had some butter beer (YUM!) and saw 4 Privet Drive, the Knight's Bus, the car from the Whomping Willow, the chess pieces, and many many many more. It was so much fun. My friend and I were like freaking out.  We took tons of pictures. Then, we went back inside to see how a lot of the makeup was done in the movies. We also got the walk through Diagon Alley, which was absolutely wonderfully amazing. Finally, we saw a huge replica of Hogwarts and I almost cried. The music was playing and the lighting was perfect and it was just so magical.  I know, I’m lame….but I was loving in.
We spent some time in the gift shop and then headed back home.   We got back kind of late and decided to just get dinner at the halal place by our dorm. I got a falafel meal and it was really really yummy!

I took like 300 pictures. Posting those later tonight!
All in all, it was a good night. ….magical night. <3 


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