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Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 19: Last Day of Class! Happy July 4!

So I was in class for about 45 minutes yesterday. It was great. Then, I came home and made some lunch - trying to get rid of the food in my fridge! 

Then, I started getting ready for the river boat party for the students sponsored by the University of Westminster. I wore my new dress that I got from Camden Town the other day. It had birds on it! :) 
We had a mini photo shoot. It was really funny. GR8. We headed off to Tower Hill, the meeting point. It was really funny and we were all happy.

The boat was cool, it had three levels and a DJ. It was funny because we set off, but then had to turn around and come back because we forgot the food. It was really really awesome, we had a beautiful view of Tower Bridge and life just felt unreal. We kept shouting "AMURRRCA!!!" We were all just hanging out for the first half, but then the music got awesome and we had a dance party. It was so much fun. I got super super sweaty and icky, but it was worth it. The party went till about 9pm. Then we headed back to the station whilst singing the national anthem really really loudly.

We didn't want the party to end. We came home to change and freshen up and went to Club Kitchen (B13) to hang for a bit. We ended up going out again to some place called Cargo. It was actually really really cool. 

Overall it was a fun night and a really great way to end my time here. 


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